Keep Healthy In The New Year

Being healthy is a life-long journey and we want to help you reach your goals. Because everyone’s journey is different, we’ve outlined a few ways to help you put your best foot (or food) forward this year.

Healthy Choices

The Chopped Leaf focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and that’s why everything on their menu is packed with highly nutritious ingredients. Our top pick? The ever popular #1 bowl crafted with a Mexican twist. If you’re looking for a Greek flare, then OPA! is certainly worth visiting. Alberta-born restaurant, OPA! doesn’t disappoint with their take on Greek cuisine served fast and served fresh. Lastly, this list would not be complete without one of the pioneers of healthy eating: Subway. Subway’s transparency with their food, including displaying calories and having your meal prepared before you makes it easy to make a healthy choice.

A mouthwatering favourite: the “Number 1 Bowl” by The Chopped Leaf. (Photo courtesy of Yelp)

Healthy Support

Did you know that there are at least 10 essential vitamins your body needs daily? GNC does and will help ensure you are getting the necessary amount. From vitamins to supplements, to protein powder for fitness lovers, to beginners who need a little help to “live well”, GNC is committed to balancing your body’s needs. In a pinch? Shopper’s Drug Mart can also help meet your needs and are open early at 8AM until 10PM.

GNC and Shopper’s Drug Mart provide essential nutrients to help maintain a healthy body.

Healthy Action

It all starts with forming good habits. Orangetheory Fitness may appear intimidating but once you step inside, you realize they are people just like you… on the journey of being healthy. Orangetheory uses heart rate-based interval training which helps burn more calories post-workout; workouts are diverse, rewarding, and never get boring! Plus, for first-timers, your first class is free!

Encouraging coaches at Orangetheory Fitness are committed to helping you succeed in your goals.

With a few of these tips in mind, we hope you can help you keep healthy in the new year and every year forward.

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